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Sound Healing Journey with Daniel Hensen

Just back from the first RootFlute tour with a lovely new addition to the sound scape. Keshua Lee will be adding precussive elements and other surprises to deepen the experience.

~lay back, Relax, and let us take you away~

You are invited to go on deep subconscious journey within a safe and activated container. This hypnotic sound journey, will begin with Ceremonial grade organic Guatemalan Cacao and then participants will be guided into a lucid state with Yoga Nidra. The sound journey will be performed by Daniel Hansen, and Keshua Lee.

Participants have experienced, visionary dreamscapes, lucid dreamstate meditations, remembrances and reconnections of self, deep emotional processing, and other healing experiences. It has been relayed to evoke a pathway of receiving greater insight to themselves, their purpose and aiding there path of transformational growth.

The Sound Journey is a portal to a very unique subconcious experience, featuring Shamanistic stuccattos, deep soulful grooves with melodic builds, twinkling arpeggios, and exotic fragrances.

The entire soundscape is rooted in C# Sharp 432 Hz at the Ohm tone of 136.1 Hz.
Join us as we dissolve into the harmonies of creation.

<<To hear instruments in photo above, Please click the link>>


$20 presale $25 at the door

Earlier Event: December 2